Monologue for when at a grave

Do people talk to graves?
Have you ever talked to a grave?
Don’t people do it inside their heads?
Isn’t it in the head
Only yourself to count on
just another occasion to talk to myself
in the end it’s only yourself anyway
can’t expect everyone to party when I want to
so I’ll do it by myself

resurrect, baby
our incapability of dealing in a non-emotional way
we are by our emotions/ irrational
when people quietly ignore your wishes
chain of reactions
and get drunk without you
when you have Philip Glass stuck in your head and nobody knows,
everybody gives you a face but
it’s you with the dramatic soundtrack stuck on everything
Don’t listen to Queen. It’s bad for your health.

Wish they told you that..
Do you want to make music, or you smoke too many joints?
you boss knocks something over so you
don’t have time to talk yo your coworkers
you know what you did?
You put a song on repeat forever in my head

(please answer the first two questions in the comments)


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