The rats ate everything in my house. You wouldn’t have imagined it, but this is what happened. Thick plastic lunch-boxes, is how it started. Then the metal trash can, there were holes in it. I had already stopped eating in my house, there was no food around at that point. Already then, it didn’t feel as it used to, coming home. Eating is a very intimate thing, a ritual related to feeling at home. I am not comfortable with eating in public, so this had an impact on my state of mind. I am comfortable when I am with a friend or someone I know, eating in public, but eating alone out in public, it just feels kind of.. vulgar. Anyway, you’d think that with no food around, the rats would have nothing to eat and therefore stay away, and find some other place to score, or they could just die, maybe. But this didn’t happen. First, having started eating anything any food had  even been stored in or prepared in, when all those things were gone, also including pots, pans, the stove and oven, they started gnawing on all other furniture that had nothing to do with food. If your eyebrows hadn’t been raised yet, now’s probably the time. No-one was coming to my house anymore, I made up stories for them not having to come to my place. Really, I dared to tell no-one because it was shameful, and I’m sure it would have sounded disgusting to say ‘hey, my house is being chown down by rats’. What can you say at that point, still wanting friends around and all. And I was itchy all the time..

At this point I had no furniture anymore, just some chewed-on remnants of my belongings. Actually for a moment I like this new sparse interior of my apartment, and did a little dance on the bare floors. With now nothing left to eat, there was only the house left.. The way I see this occurrence in my life is as a reason to be more ‘one with nature’. The forest is now my home, but I don’t bother building a shack because each time it’s chewed down to the floor. I am at one with my fate, I embrace it.


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