Where does dog food get it’s certification from? It is simply labeled as such that we believe it is such. But what if we decided it wasn’t such? What if we called it processed meat-leftovers, animal cadavers’ parts dressed in gelatin, subpar to human dinner standards? Human meat dinner standards? A dog hungry after it’s owner passed away, feasting on prime flesh unavailable to him before? 

We all had that friend who like to eat those dried dog food things, or we ate it when dared, as a bet. What is good enough for dogs, but not for us? If dogs would own us, they would feed us ‘human food’ in a can? Would we care? Why do we decide to label such food, taking it all for granted, passing the supermarket shelves each time, not considering this dinner option, accepting at will the labels provided for us, not willing to take a second look and reconsider.


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