You write just like a girl

I’m in the university library to focus. I’m not a uni student myself, but students are all around me. In front of me is a girl that has about 7 piles of lined paper in front of her, writing on one of them. Before she came to sit here, the papers were already lying there, on the table. By then it was clear that the handwriting was that of a girl. Big and round, the loops extra loopy. That doesn’t mean that all girls write like this, but rather that no guy could write like this. The round loopy writing brings back old memories. Of being 10 years old and wanting to have that ultra-regular round and feminine script. The friend you want to be like and emulate. She would get a high grade in writing technique. In high school she’d be the one who’s notes you’d copy; notes with round, regular writing and stars for ordering paragraphs.
The girl in front of me is wearing salmon-colored nail-polish, has three colored markers, yellow, orange and pink, of which she uses the pink one the most. In fact, I’d say that fifty percent of all her written lined a4’s are highlighted pink. She’s also wearing a golden ring with I’m guessing an initial engraved in it. As attractive as it is to focus on her, it might become too apparent. I’ll let her focus.


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