Hey! Whatsup.

I got a spam letter from you. How are you doing anyway? Disappointing that it wasn’t you. You didn’t really send it, yourself. Then again, I received it in my spam folder. So anyway, how are you doing? This might anyway be a good occasion for us to talk again! Since I didn’t hear anything from you. Well I’m alright. But how are you doing??? It’s been such a while. Oh my God. I moved out of the big city. Too much going on. The people are not my kind anymore. I have this old lady living next to me, and she’s always inquiring about my love life! So cute. So nice when people actually bother with each other’s lives, rather than everyone ignoring everyone. Peter broke up with me four years ago. It’s a pity, but I’ll get over it. We had good times. I don’t really see people a lot from the supermarket we spent saturdays at anymore. But I was so excited to hear from you all of the sudden, even though it was Spam. We should definitely meet soon. Are you having a good career? I heard you are so successful nowadays. I was always going to your shows, you know when you were starting your band. Do you remember? I was always there. Did you get those photos I sent you? I have all these close-ups of you. My friends told me the photo’s were really nice. I guess you still didn’t have a beard back then. You should also put my photos from back then on your band website! The way I used to know you. So.. you must be really busy, but we have to meet. Right? I mean I know how you really started, I know you from the very beginning, and I don’t think people could know you in that way now. Of course everyone has new friends, but they’re missing a part of you that I experienced.

I moved up to store manager at the shop. The people you used to know there left already. It’s a steady job, my mom is proud of me and I think I’m doing well. Finally I can follow through on my improvement plan on the employees. There were so many things that could have been improved back then. People are coming on time now, they wear uniforms and earrings are no longer allowed. They are not allowed to disturb the customers by having a chat with them and so everything is running very efficiently! So yes that’s mostly it. In the weekend I like to watch reality TV shows, cooking contests and so, truth is stranger than fiction you know.

Noones really in touch with me from the time that we were working together. I’m not sure why, but hey that’s life anyway. At some point you have to grow up and you realize that parties are for young people, except maybe for you since you make your buck in the entertainment world. Still you know maybe should settle down a bit also you know! Discover a whole new reality! There’s actually a really nice apartment next door to me for rent.. also much cheaper than in the big city you know! We could have so much fun together! Now that I got an e-mail from you, even though you didn’t send it, I realized that we should really meet! Would be so great! Like old times! Well, I’ve got to go now, but I’ll hear from you soon! Definetely man! I mean woman. You get the point. Later man! Take care!


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